ROS-M provides a trusted community of government and industry contributors with the means to collectively cultivate a federated body of re-usable, ROS-compatible software for developing defense robotic systems.
ROS-M is built on the ROS framework

ROS-M provides management tools, such as a searchable master registry for finding existing software packages, as well as custom software, like a ROS to interoperability Profiles (IOP) gateway, cybersecurity tools, and processes specific to defense robotics applications.

Rapidly produce prototype systems in less time, for less cost, and with less risk.
ROS-M enables system developers and integrators to readily identify, access, and use existing software for military applications, as well as reliably develop new software packages as needed or desired.
Benefits of ROS-M
Greater Collaboration

ROS-M facilitates greater collaboration by relying on a common, de facto standard in ROS that partnering organizations can use as a basis for cooperative software development efforts.

Increases Innovation

ROS-M increases innovation by enabling organizations to focus their resources on developing new, innovative capabilities that build on top of the baseline software functions in the core, common libraries.

Improves Software Reliability

ROS-M improves software reliability and security by finding and fixing defects and making improvements to the same, reusable code.